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We specialize in the marketing and distribution of automotive testing and repair equipment and tools since 1982, since that time we sold hundreds of equipments from various types of automotive handheld diagnostic scanners that can test all brand names of cars, exhaust gas analyzers and diesel smoke meters, fuel injection cleaning and testing units, wheel aligners and balancers and many other types of tools and gadgets… we also market automotive technical manuals and CDROM data base that can offer extensive technical information on all type of cars ( i.e. technical data, wiring diagrams, service hints and testing procedures, parts drawing and much more technical information that can help the mechanic in his day to day car testing and repair work in his shop.

We do have well trained engineers who have experience in the field of automotive testing and repair for more than twenty years and they are ready to answer all your questions and clarify all your inquires.

We also offer training courses on automotive testing and diagnosis principles according to very modern methods and simulating equipments and tools which cover various parts of the car be it the engine, gear, airbag, ABS brakes, immobilizer…etc.

It is our aim to be able to offer technical assistance in the automotive service and testing and diagnosis equipment to each other customer according to his need through out the Middle East and beyond … Hence we like our customers not to hesitate to contact us regarding any inquiry or more information they may require in the field of automotive testing and diagnosis and we will be more that happy to give the required information and assistance.
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